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The use of calm and neutral colors

The Scandinavian interior, also known as Nordic Living, came over from the North years ago and is characterised by craftsmanship. By using calm and neutral colours, your bathroom immediately looks a lot bigger. Examples are white, light pastels or shades of grey. And the use of wood accents.
The minimalist products provide a certain peace and quiet and are always comfortable and of great quality. The Scandinavian style seems very basic and dull because of the neutral colours, but by working with natural and soft materials you create a warm look in your bathroom.
Green in the bathroom is really something that fits the Scandinavian lifestyle. In Scandinavia they love nature and that is also reflected in the interior. Plants create a cosy and cheerful atmosphere and also provide oxygen. In addition, plants in the bathroom, regardless of the style of living, are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom. Tropical plants go particularly well in the bathroom because of the climate in the bathroom.