Shower sets, hand showers and shower heads

Everyone has their own rituals and preferences when it comes to showering. Some prefer warm showers and others prefer cold or lukewarm showers. There are people who like to be under a full jet and others under a spray. Some get in the shower in the morning to wake up and others sing their lungs out in the evening. In short, everyone showers in his or her own way.

Tiger will gladly help you to make your shower ritual perfect.  We have a wide range of products that make showering a little more comfortable, such as shower heads, shower sets and accessories. Our goal is to ensure that there are products to match your shower ritual. You can choose a hand shower or shower set with a limited number of settings or with many different options for choosing your water jet. Below you can see all the different possible types of jet:

Bubbly jet

Bubbly jet, also known as the basic jet, is a soft jet with small air bubbles in the water droplets. This feels soft on the skin and is often much more comfortable for children than the full radius. In addition, the air bubbles have the great advantage that you save water.

Massage jet

The massage jet is a popular jet that is often used during showering. This jet has a harder radius that exerts pressure on the skin. This ensures that the skin is massaged as it was, when you use this jet you come completely relaxed from the shower.

Rainy jet

The rain shower is one of the shower modes that has become very popular in recent years. This is a shower stand where the extra-large head provides a wide jet of water that feels like rain. The jet feels comfortable because your body keeps the temperature much better.

Waterfall jet

The waterfall stand is a wide jet that comes down like a waterfall. This jet looks a lot like the rain jet, only the distribution of the water is much more focused and wider. The rain jet is often round and the waterfall a wide horizontal jet.

Eco jet

With various water-saving Tiger components, you make sure that your powerful shower in the house saves a lot of water at the same time. This mode ensures that you can always shower under a large jet while saving water and money.


All your shower gear at hand in the shower

Do you suffer from bits and bobs lying around that you use in the shower? And would you rather have everything at hand? Then we have a handy solution.

With our different shower baskets, also known as shower racks, you will always find a shower basket that suits your shower. We have shower baskets for the corner, for on a straight wall and shower baskets that you can hang on your shower wall.

In addition, the shower racks are available in different sizes, so you can always put your shower equipment in the shower. Whether you just want to put your shower gel and shampoo on it or just a lot more stuff like a sponge, bath scrubber, cream rinse or razor.