The industrial bathroom

Raw materials and vintage accessories make the difference! The industrial style is one of the trends that you often see; tight, sober and tough.  To make this style come to your home, you do not have to move to an old factory building.

The countryside bathroom

Nowadays everybody is in a hurry and everything has to be done quickly, which makes it difficult sometimes to get some rest. In order to find this peace, people are increasingly choosing a countryside style for their houses, and you see this more often in the bathroom. If you open a home and living magazine, you probally come across this trend. That is why we have brought this trend back in several series.

The Scandinavian bathroom

Another bathroom trend that you often see in the bathroom is Scandinavian design. This style is characterized by sleek design, light colors and natural materials. Together this ensure simplicity, peace and functionality.

The traditional bathroom

In the (modern) traditional style you see more modest colors such as shades of gray and black. The forms which are used are often graceful and slender. A traditional bathroom of these days combines an authentic atmosphere from the past with the solutions of today.


The urban bathroom

A trend on whicha part of our range is based is the urban bathroom. The urban bathroom is modern and attractive, in other words; it looks attractive and it is very functional at the same time. By using basic colors such as white and gray, you quickly change the atmosphere in your bathroom.