The trend of this moment

A trend that we see more often in today's bathroom, is the color black. Not only as an accent color but also as the main color. The black products in the bathroom are increasing, think about toilet seats, bathroom lighting, furniture and bathroom accessories. With the color black you can create a sleek luxurious or just an industrial atmosphere in your bathroom.

The biggest advantage of having the color black in your bathroom is the fact that the color black is timeless. If you are going to renovate your bathroom or have it built, it will of course last a long time. With the color black, your bathroom will never bee outdated.

But won't your bathroom be too dark? When you do find the right balance, it won't. Black is easy to combine with other colors due to its quiet appearance. Whether you combine it with natural materials, bright colors or neutral colors; there is always a match.

Black accessories

With accessories you can easily determine the accent color in your bathroom. For example, black accessories placed on a white background immediately catch your attention. You can go many ways with black accessories, from a modern sleek to a robust industrial bathroom. Tiger has released several accessory series in black.

Make it trendy with these toilet seats

Choose a black toilet seat. This seat wil catch extra attention when placed on a white toilet bowl. The black toilet seat can give your toilet or bathroom just the extra emphasis on the style you have chosen. Our black toilet seats are equipped with many functionalities.

Black shower(set)s

Shower heads and sets are no longer seen as purely functional. They have become a real eye-catcher, an important part of the overall look of your bathroom. This makes black taps and shower heads increasing in popularity. Due to the color, you often create a calm and chic look. A black shower faucet or shower head is best shown in combination with basic colors. But also with natural backfround, for example a concrete or brick wall.