A wizard at organising, flexible in use

Tiger Caddy is as functional as its name suggests. The series is a boulder when it comes to organisation, but also flexible in use. The tough look of the Caddy shower baskets is very popular. The Caddy series previously consisted of shower baskets and corner shower baskets in normal or large sizes. The flat base with high rim ensures that the products remain stable, and the drainage slits in the base allow the water to run off easily. Caddy is made of corrosion-resistant material and is therefore durable in use.

Research showed that the Caddy shower baskets are not only used in the bathroom, but also in the toilet area. It also emerged that solutions are required for items such as razors and wet toilet towels. With the new functional products that Tiger has designed based on this information, Tiger fulfils these needs and makes Caddy a full and surprising storage collection. The functional design is universal and fits into every type of bathroom, partly due to the choice of finish. Moreover, the items are easy to place and clean in no time.



Shower enclosure hook

Beauty comes in small packages, and the Tiger Caddy shower cubicle hook is a little beauty with a big effect. Hang this hook over your shower cubicle or glass panel. The glass is constantly protected, thanks to the silicone coating. This hook is suitable for hanging a squeegee, razor blade or several towels from. Simple, functional and timeless. Caddy is the secret to a soothing feeling in your bathroom. 

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Shower basket with towel hook

Timeless, unique and multifunctional. This sums up the design of this fun shower basket with hook from Tiger Caddy. The 2-in-1 design has space for your razor, towel or squeegee, as well as your shower gel and shampoo. This allows you to store everything away, neat and tidy, whilst being within easy reach - in the shower, by the washbasin or in the en-suite. With Caddy, you're not only going for a functional look, but for a luxury one, too.

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Shower basket / towel rail

Your personal assistant in the bathroom. Our Tiger Caddy is as functional as its name implies. It is expert in organising things, but also versatile to use. This Caddy not only helps with storing your bathroom items, but can also be used as a towel rail. Various ways to install, endless possibilities. This is the Houdini of bathroom accessories, but with this new Caddy a tidy bathroom is no illusion. Bring a feeling of timelessness to your bathroom with this stainless steel version.

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Toilet roll holder with shelf

You're sitting pretty with this unique Tiger Caddy toilet roll holder and shelf. This all-in-1 bathroom solution offers space for fragrance sticks, your mobile phone, wet wipes or even storage for hygiene products for women. This is the Houdini of bathroom accessories, but with this new Caddy a tidy bathroom is no illusion. 

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Shower baskets

Give your bathroom a quick and smart update with one of our handy Caddy shower baskets. A Caddy shower basket is your personal assistant in the bathroom and immediately creates a feeling of spaciousness and relaxation. The flat base and high rim ensure that the products remain firmly in the basket. The corner baskets have flexible sides, which ensure that the shower basket fits in every corner. The soft-finished corners ensure that you can clean the basket without risk of harming your fingers.

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