Innovative and refreshing design

Meet our smart Swoop® toilet brush: flexible, hygienic and sustainable. Are you also curious about this innovative brush? 


You can clean hard to reach areas easily using this innovative brush head, even under the rim. But also rimless toilet bowls are easy to clean with the new brush head.


Less dripping after use

Thanks to the special material, it hardly drips after use. This prevents unhygienic residual water from remaining in the holder.


In contrast to the traditional toilet brush, dirt does not remain behind in the Swoop® brush, but it slides effortlessly off the brush into the toilet. This is because of the well-positioned bristles, the flat shape of the toilet brush and the material.


Long lifespan

The Swoop® brush is made from Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR). This material has the flexible properties of rubber. The Swoop® brush has a longer lifespan than the traditional toilet brush with bristles.

Innovative design

Swoop® is innovative and refreshing and therefore makes a difference in ease of cleaning and hygiene. The Swoop® toilet brush has rightly been awarded recognition as a Good Industrial Design (GIO). Swiping has never been so much fun: Swoop® is the perfect match for you.


Tiger Tess

The Swoop® toilet brush has been added to the new toilet accessory range Tiger Tess. In addition to the toilet brush holders, the Tess series includes a wide range of accessories. From toilet and spare roll holders to towel hooks and storage boxes.

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