Shape & texture

Carv is the embodiment of the word tactility. We had to look this one up too. There is a trend towards tactile materials and Carv responds to this trend perfectly. Carv stands for refinement with exciting details and an elegant finish in black.

The design of Carv is simple, but every detail has an important design aspect. The various accessories, for example, feature a sliding mechanism that allows you to keep the bathroom tiles clean.

Almost all Carv accessories can be suspended with TigerFix. Drilling is therefore no longer necessary. That makes life easier. A clever idea from Tiger.

Carv: around the sink

The Tiger Carv soap dispensers are ergonomic in use and easy to dose. Thanks to the shelf you have all bathroom essentials within reach and with the towel rails and hooks from Carv you can be sure that you towel will get a beautiful place. 

Carv: in the toilet

The toilet also deserves love and attention. Say hello to our smart toilet brush holders from the Carv series. These holders have a flexible rubber cover. For more hygiene, but also less scratches on the toilet bowl. Also take a look at our toilet roll holders. With or without cover? With or without extra storage space? Carv has it all!

Carv: in the shower

Our Carv shower baskets strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, you can easily slide the basket off the wall. This way you always keep the tiles clean. Thanks to the high edge and flat base, the shower products remain stable in the basket.

Carv, we simply love it.