When you choose to drill, make sure that you do not use the hammer or drill hammer mode of the drill. These modes are too hard for your (fragile) tiles. Before you start, check if there are no pipes behind the wall where you want to place the accessories. 

Then mark the drill holes of the wall plate on the wall, so you know where the holes should be. By sticking painter's tape on the spot where you want to drill your drill drifts away less easily, so your tiles are better protected. Then start drilling at a slow pace and slowly increase this pace. When the holes are drilled, gently tap the plugs into the holes with your (rubber) hammer. Then tighten the mounting plate, hang your Tiger accessories and tighten the accessory with the Allen key.



Fix Tiger accessories to smooth, hard surfaces quickly and easily with TigerFix, a patented adhesive system. Glamourising your bathroom with Tiger accessories has never been so easy. Just mix the glue and apply it to the wall plate: after only 4 hours you can fix the accessory to it – it’s that easy!

TigerFix is a great solution if you would rather not drill holes in your new bathroom tiles, particularly natural stone or large tiles. TigerFix is water-resistant, so you can use it anywhere in your bathroom. And it’s super-strong: we guarantee it can bear weights of up to 10 kg, no less! A huge advantage of TigerFix is that the wall plate can be easily be removed without causing any damage.


Some Tiger bathroom and toilet accessories from are equipped with a powerful double-sided tape which makes mounting on any smooth, solid surface very easy. You start by choosing where you want to place your accessory. Then you clean the surface well, so that there is no more dirt that can sit between the tape and the surface.

Palce the accessories where you want and you are done!