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Hanging up a bathroom cabinet is not difficult. With the supplied mounting materials and clear mounting instructions we will gladly help you on your way. Below are some extra tips you can take into account. 

Our bathroom furniture is wall-mounted by means of screws and wall plugs. When wall-mounting, make sure that the wall can handle the weight of the unit and that there are no wires running through the wall where you intend to install the unit. If you are in any doubt, we recommend contacting a professional fitter.

The wall fixings supplied are only suitable for concrete walls. The method of fitting and the type of screws and wall plugs used for all other materials should be determined in consultation with a professional fitter.

Before installing, carefully inspect each part for any signs of damage and/or defects; under no circumstances should a damaged item be wall-mounted. Notify your dealer within 24 hours of delivery of any irregularities or shortcomings. Returns will not be accepted once fitted.

To prevent damage during assembly and fitting, it is important that you place the furniture parts on the floor with appropriate protection. Ensure that the bathroom is sufficiently ventilated to limit the build-up of condensation. Building regulations have been drawn up, which set out the minimum requirements with regard to ventilation in residential properties.

Use silicone sealant between the unit and the wall and the unit and the wash basin to contain water leakage, in accordance with the fitting instructions.

If the bathroom unit is to be fitted with lighting or a socket and switch, the IP standards (International Standard IEC60529) must be observed. Never position a bathroom unit in an area where it is in direct contact with water splashing out from the bath and/or shower.

Maintenace instructions

Bathroom furniture
Our furniture is specifically designed for bathroom use. Nevertheless, direct contact with water or excessive condensation can damage the furniture. Any areas exposed to water must be immediately cleaned and dried and damp items (such as towels) should not be draped over or against the furniture.

For standard maintenance, use a soft damp cloth with a mild all-surface cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents that are abrasive or contain chlorine or ammonia, as these can damage the surface. Surfaces exposed to dirt should be promptly cleaned. Dry any wet areas as quickly as possible to prevent damp penetration.

Mineral marble / polymer wash basin
The Tiger wash basins / sinks can withstand water temperatures of up to 70°. Higher temperatures may cause surface tears. For general maintenance instructions, please see above. Scratches or dull areas can be treated with car polish. To protect the surface, accidental spillages of chemicals such as hair dye and rinses should be removed immediately. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Ceramic wash basin / sink
In addition to following these general maintenance instructions, any lime or calcium deposits can be removed using white vinegar, for example. Contact with metal objects such as steel, titanium, messing or copper can cause grey or black discolouration. To remove any signs of discolouration, use a cleaning agent for ceramic hobs.

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