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The Tiger basin faucets / taps are equipped with a unique top-fixing mounting system, making the faucets easy to mount from above (without special tools).

The steps:
  1. Your washbasin tap is equipped with an "Easy fixing" system. This means that the installation takes place completely from above the sink without the use of special tools. Check if the assembly unit has been assembled correctly by comparing it with the line drawing. The marking must always be placed on the front during assembly.
  2. Push the bottom plate through the hole of your washbasin by bending the flexible strips slightly.
  3. Hold both strips and slide the top plate together with the flexible sealing ring up to the wash basin.
  4. Fit the 3 supplied mounting bolts and tighten firmly and evenly.
  5. Check if the mounting plate is mounted straight with the marking on the front. If this is the case, cut the auxiliary strips.
  6. Push the flexible pressure hoses through the opening of the assembly unit and place the tap on the washbasin.
  7. Fix the tap to the mounting unit by firmly tightening the mounting screw on the back. If you have purchased a tap without waste you can continue with step 9b.
  8. Push the waste rod with trade through the opening in the tap.
  9. a) Assemble the drain plug, according to the drawing, in the wash basin and connect both rods using the connecting element supplied. Adjusting the washbasin stop: Loosen locknut. Adjust the length of the bolt and tighten the counter bolt. Clean the strainer regularly during use.  (see drawing)
    b) Connect the supply hoses to your water supply using compression fittings (not supplied). Left is warm, right is cold.
  10. Operation: If the lever is in horizontal position, the water supply is closed. Moving the lever upwards opens the water supply. The volume of the water jet can be controlled by moving the handle to a greater or lesser extent. The temperature of the water can be influenced by moving the lever to the left or right. Left is warm water, right is cold You can perform both settings at the same time.
  11. Connect the water pressure and check for leaks. Your crane is ready for use.