Step 1

Choose the right shape

Check the shape of your toilet bowl in advance. Most toilets have a standard shape that also fits a standard toilet seat. However, there are also less common forms such as the D-shape (Tiger also has suitable toilet seats such as the Memphis and Carter). So when purchasing your seat, make sure that the shape matches your toilet bowl. The picture shows the four most common shapes.


Step 2

Choose the right size and centre distance

Besides the fact that it is important to look at the dimensions of the toilet bowl itself (the width and distance from the centre of the hinge holes to the front), the centre distance is also very important. Perhaps even more important, because if the centre distance is not appropriate, you cannot mount the toilet seat. The centre distance is the distance between the centres of the hinge holes. These are, just like the dimensions of the seat themselves, in principle always mentioned on the packaging or the provider's website.

Step 3

Choose the right form of assembly

If the hinge holes can be reached from the bottom, then you have a toilet bowl on which the seat can be mounted with the standard mounting. You can recognise this by the fact that you can reach the bottom of the hinge holes via the side of the toilet bowl. If you can't reach the bottom of the hinge holes because the side is closed, you should choose a toilet seat with Easy Fixing. This allows you to easily mount the seat from the top to the toilet bowl.

Step 4

Choose the right material

Duroplast: Duroplast toilet seats are virtually unbreakable, antibacterial and scratch-resistant. Even after years of use you will still enjoy these seats.

MDF/wood:These seats consist of wood chips pressed into synthetic resin glue. It quickly takes on the body equipment, making it very comfortable to sit on. Thanks to the paint, the toilet seat is also very easy to clean.

Thermoplast:Thermoplastic toilet seats are lightweight, strong and virtually unbreakable. In addition, they are scratch-resistant and last for years. Thermoplastics are also very easy to recycle.

Step 5

Choose the functionalities you want to have

Nowadays, more is possible with a toilet seat than you think. The average toilet seat of a few years ago did not have as many options as today's toilet seat. Great of course all these options, but maybe you can't see the wood for the trees anymore. That is why we have listed all the functionalities of Tiger toilet seats here for you.

  • Comfort Feel: These seats feel soft and comfortable.
  • Comfort Seat: On a comfort seat you sit much more comfortably because of the extra-large size. The maximum load capacity is 300 kg.
  • Easy Clean: With Easy Clean you can easily disconnect the toilet seat from the toilet bowl and click it back in.
  • Easy Fixing: Provides ease of mounting, these hinges are very easy to mount form the top.
  • Family Seat: A toilet seat for the whole family; for the adults a normal seat and for the children a smaller seat.
  • Night Light: With this function, the built-in LED lights automatically turn on in the dark when you make a sound.
  • Soft Close: The soft-close system ensures that the lid of the toilet seat does not close hard in one go.
  • Steady Fix: The reinforced hinges ensure that your toilet seats do not shift so that the seats are always correctly positioned.