Choose your own accent color

The trendy Urban accessories fit perfectly into the modern bathroom. The items are available in black and white, in a beautiful matte version. Besides that you can choose out of two colors, you can also determine the accent colors with this series. For the white accessories, a gray and light oak ring or cap is included. And with black matte accessories, this is a copper and a gray ring or cap.

Of course, you can also choose to not use the rings, so the color of the accessory itself will retain. And do you want to change the look of your bathroom a little bit? Then you can simply change the rings. Mix & match!

The Urban accessories of Tiger are standard delivered with screws. You can also choose to do this with TigerFix, this patented way of mounting guarantees a very powerful glue joint on any smooth, solid surface. You do not have to drill into your tiles, which will save you a lot of risk. You will not drill into a water supply or break a bathroomtile.