Bathroom design for everyone

Tiger believes that the bathroom (and toilet) is the most personal space in the house. A personal space that must meet your daily routines. It is the place where you get ready for the day, for an exciting night our or relax after an exhausting day. Tiger creates the right atmosphere and meets your functional and emotional needs.
At Tiger we are passionate about inspiring consumers to create their perfect bathroom. We do this by designing, developing and producing unique bathroom products. Bathroom accessories and furniture that are not only thoughtfully designed and easy to install, but also affordable for everyone.


Tiger & Coram

Tiger is currently one of Coram’s brands. Coram specialises in the design, development and production of high-quality bathroom products that are easy to install. Coram strives for a market position in the top ten largest players in Europe based on strong brands, innovative design and intensive cooperation with business partners.

Coram is a family business with a solid financial foundation, that focuses on the long term. By combining a genuine, personal approach and a passion for design with expertise and entrepreneurship, we have developed an organization that adds value to the well-being of our end users, individual brands, companies, partners and suppliers.

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