Tiger guarantees the product delivered to be made of sound material and to be designed with the greatest of care. Tiger provides therefore a warranty cover of 10 years for any and all material defects and constructional flaws. However, if any defect should occur within a period of 10 years following the purchase, Tiger declares that the company is prepared to repair the product concerned and, if such repairs are impossible, to replace the product, at the option and at the expense of Tiger, for a maximum amount equal to the value of the invoice.

No warranty cover shall be provided for defects resulting from any use contrary to instructions or otherwise, including inadequate compliance with cleaning instructions. Warranty cover shall be refused also in the event of any repairs performed by the buyer himself or by third parties. Mechanical damage (scratches, dents, pitting) shall not be covered by the warranty.

Your cash receipt and this form shall be your warranty. You shall have to produce these two items every time you wish to avail yourself of the warranty cover. After the warranty period, Tiger shall provide the possibility of ordering via your dealer the parts required against payment.


All Tiger bathroom furniture and wash basins are covered by a 3-year factory warranty against defects in material and construction. If there are any problems due to defective materials or faulty workmanship, Tiger will repair or replace the product free of charge during the warranty period. The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damage. Immediately after purchase and delivery, the furniture must be carefully inspected for any signs of damage and/or shortcomings.
The warranty does not cover;
• damage due to transport following purchase
• the unit being placed in a public area or outdoors
• insufficient or incorrect maintenance
• damage resulting from faulty assembly, see also fitting terms and conditions
• use of abrasive cleaning agents
• scratching, carelessness and normal wear and tear from daily use
• deformation (e.g. swelling) as a result of condensation due to insufficient ventilation
• damage caused by insufficient protection from water; the furniture should not be placed next
to a bath or shower without a fixed partition. Ensure that the furniture is mounted away from
splashing water.
• damage caused by insufficient frost protection; do not drape or place damp objects over or
against the furniture.
• swelling of bathroom furniture due to incorrect application of silicone sealant between the
furniture and the wall and unit joints
• damage caused by leakage to water pipes and taps
• modifications to the unit by unauthorised persons
• the costs of assembly and disassembly of the furniture
Your proof of purchase must be submitted with the product for warranty to apply.

Toilet seats

From the date of purchase, Tiger provides a 2-year warranty for this toilet seat on material and construction faults. Should a defect occur within this period, Tiger declares that it is prepared to repair the product. If it cannot be repaired, Tiger will offer a similar replacement session up to a maximum of the invoice value.

No warranty is provided on:

  • defects arising as a result of injudicious or improper use
  • non-compliance or inadequate compliance with the cleaning instructions.
  • defects which the buyer or a third party has already attempted to repair
  • mechanical damage due to external influences (scratches, dents, wells)
  • damage caused by sitting or standing on the lid. The lid is designed to stop splashing water.
This warranty applies provided that the purchase of the toilet seat can be proven by proof of purchase from your dealer. After this period there is the option to order parts through your dealer for a fee.​