Maintenance of your bathroom

Bathroom accessories, toilet seats and taps
Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Never use scouring agents, chlorine bleach or cleaning agents that contain hydrochloric acid.

Wash basins and shower basins
Casting marble 
Clean with a soft, damp cloth; do not use scouring agents. Protect your wash basin or composite marble shower basin from:

  • toilet bowl cleaners and chlorine bleach
  • special lime-removal agents and aggressive acids
  • hair dyes and colour rinses; Also do not allow leftover paint or paint residue to dry in the basins!

You can re-polish any scratches or dull spots by carefully treating the areas with car polish.

For normal maintenance, use common sanitary cleansers. Stubborn lime deposits can be removed with a scouring sponge or with the well-known cleaning agents containing vinegar (descaling solvents). Any streaks/spots, which are caused by contact with metals (such as steel and brass), can be removed with a mild, quartz sand-based scouring agent. Only use the agent on the area to be treated. Do not use this method too often as the scouring agent can damage the surface.

Shower cubicles
After each shower use a squeegee or towel to dry off the walls of the cubicle. To clean the cubicle walls, it is best to use a non-aggressive, liquid soap. If, in spite of these efforts, lime should still build up on the walls, then use cleaning vinegar or descaling agents that are especially designed for this purpose. Never use aggressive or scouring cleaning agents.