The smart solution for storage

With Tiger 2-Store, storage becomes child's play. From shower baskets and wall racks to hanging shower caddies. The 2-Store series has it all. This series was designed by our Design Lab and received a Recognition of Good Industrial Design (GIO). With the clever 2-Store you can give your bathroom a beautiful, modern upgrade. With the 2-Store in white or black you are completely on-trend.

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Wall tray / Shower basket

This wall tray from the 2-Store collection gives you two options: use it as a shower basket in the shower or by the bath, or as a wall rack in your toilet or bathroom. Slide the tray onto the wall plate and you can always alternate. The wall tray is made of plastic and can therefore not rust. Thanks to the water drain at the bottom, you can easily keep the tray clean so that the shower basket stays beautiful for years to come. 

Hanging shower caddy 25 cm for shower tap

You walk into your bathroom with a sleepy head and turn on the shower. Where is your shower gel? The shampoo bottle slips out of your hands... great start. Well, not with 2-Store: this shower hanger keeps all your shower essentials close at hand. Here's to an excellent start of the day. Oh, and if your visitors should happen to walk into the bathroom, they can marvel at the bold rack in black.


​Storage tray with towel hook and toothbrush hold

Hook for your towel? Right. Brushing your teeth in the shower? No problem. This storage tray from the 2-Store series is your answer to all your storage problems. Tailored to your bathroom needs: multifunctional and a genius when it comes to storage. Practical and stylish in black.

Toilet roll holder with storage box

We have expanded our smart and popular 2-Store with this toilet roll holder, equipped with a storage box with lid for your wet wipes. With 2-Store, everything is organised. This is not only nice but also hygienic.





Hanging shower caddy

This handy shower caddy from Tiger 2-Store has plenty of room for bathroom accessories. The fun design also allows easy adjustment of the basket heights. This item gets its stylish appearance from using contrasting materials, and is space-saving at the same time. A great blend of aesthetic and functional. Goes with any bathroom decor.


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